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Our Team

Andrea Greiner

Andrea first became a student of hot yoga in 2007 while living in Walnut Creek, California, USA. Since then she has become our most experienced teacher and taught hot yoga in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Antwerp, Belgium and in Ostrava, Czech Republic. In 2010 Andrea and her husband Michael Greiner founded the […]

Barbora Volfová

Barbora majored in Anglophone Studies at the Metropolitan University in Prague. She discovered hot yoga in 2012 and it became her big passion, as she says she became an addict. Barbora appreciates the healing effect of hot yoga as well as the energy and strength that gives her with every class she teaches. She loves […]

Mike Greiner

Mike is from Oakland, California, USA and he moved to the Czech Republic in  2009. One year later Mike and his wife Andrea found the first studio of Hot City Yoga company. Mike began his yoga life as a student in 2008 when he attend his first Bikram Yoga class. Mike began yoga to regain […]

Nicola Machalová

Nicola comes from Slavičín, a small village in south Moravia. She moved to Olomouc for her studies. She majores in psychology, besides that in she is in training to become an art therapist with focus in dance-move therapy.  Nicola also tutors English language. Her main hobbies are healthy lifestyle, Asian philosophies. Her most enjoyable weekend […]

Pavlína Jeřábková

Pavlina is from Čeladná and she discovered hot yoga in March 2010. She is fluent in Czech, English and Dutch which she practiced while living abroad in the Netherlands, United States and Malta. Pavlina has been interested in fitness all her life and she currently has a second job at Contours as a personal trainer. […]

Veronika Zeinerová

Veronika is from Ostrava. She started practicing hot yoga in 2013. Veronika speaks English and Russian. She is majoring in Management at the VŠB-TU Economic faculty, where she will graduate this year. She is currently preparing for her trip to India where she hopes to deepen her knowledge of yoga. Her favourite postures are Halfmoon […]