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About us

 Andrea Greiner Mike Greiner

Andrea and Michael Greiner founded Hot City Yoga in 2009. After the years in the USA, they decided to move to Ostrava. Andrea wanted to go back to the family and Mike started a new adventure. Their aim was to bring to Ostrava a new product, the hot Bikram yoga, which they enthusiastically practiced in the USA. After Prague, Ostrava was the first city to welcome the Bikram yoga studio. Gradually, Ostrava learned to practice Bikram yoga regularly and enjoy the great effects and quality of life that Bikram Yoga practice accompanies. Today is Bikram Yoga in northern Moravia known among the ordinary population and the medical community and that is recommended as a means of mental and physical health. Andrea and Michael continue to work on the quality of the study environment in Ostrava and Olomouc and the training of Hot City Yoga instructors. Thanks to the experience of the Bikram yoga international courses in Mexico and Hatha Yoga in India Andrea has been training instructors for working with clients. Michael as an auditor and computer expert devotes to the technical and operational background of studies. Together they strive to further spread the awareness of the health benefits of this unique exercise and continue to practice this unique exercise with love.