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You can practice every day and there is no reservation needed, the series is always the same and the rules are clearly defined.Daria K. Olomouc
I am able to maintain my ideal weight, I have healed my back and no longer get migraines. I have also improved my hydration regime. I am never ill and do not know what the flu is.René M. Ostrava
Very cool exercise, always a challenge, never the same.Nikol F. Ostrava
The studio has a calm and pleasant ambience. It’s always clean with very good customer service.Alena F. Olomouc
Friendly ambiance and professional attitude. All instructors are very nice and always ready to help. Arnošt K. Ostrava
I have improved my flexibility and gotten rid of neck and knee pain and have increased muscle mass.Tomáš P. Olomouc
I feel so much better after my practice, I am more flexible and I fell stronger.Petra V. Ostrava
Great way to relax and de-stress, perfect time with myself.Jana O. Olomouc
In my opinion it is a very effective exercise, challenging and good for wellbeing.Michaela H. Ostrava
I am more flexible and stronger.Petra S. Olomouc
Very knowledgeable and nice instructors. They answer all my questions and take very good care of me. You can see they really enjoy their work.Evald F. Ostrava